DR. PAUL LAVIOLETTE is coming to Amsterdam, March 27th! Info for international readers/listeners!

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The brilliant scientist, researcher and author Dr. PAUL LAVIOLETTE, expert in the fields of Aether (subquantum) physics and antigravity (UFOs), is coming to the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Mirror Centre)  through HealingSoundMovement Events! We feel honored to organise this event. Duurzaam24 TV will be filming this event for tv.

March 27th, 2011, Mirror Centre , Amsterdam, do not miss this unique oppurtunity!

Register HERE! Please notice that summertime has kicked in, so don,t be late! There are enough tickets/seats available, also on the day itself. Entrance fee 39 euros at the door. Parking is free on sunday!

All revenues from HealingSoundMovement Events (besides covering costs and paying speakers) go to WorldPeaceChild, an organisation helping out children (and our inner child...) all over the world through art, music, dance, intention and real connection!


'Secrets of Antigravity, Free Energy 

& Ancient Science of Continuous Creation'


Organisation: HealingSoundMovement Events, www.healingsoundmovement.com/news

Location: Mirror Centre, Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093 JX, Amsterdam

(1 minute walk from Train Station Muiderpoort-which itself is only 5 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station-

more info about the location here: www.mirrorcentre.nl)

Google Maps Route (you can navigate your personal route from your address to Ter Gouwstraat 3!) HERE Public Transport (tram, bus, train): HERE

Time: 12.00 (noon) till 6 pm (entrance room 11.30 am, there will be ample time to ask questions and there will be a panel discussion, translation possible during questions!)

Please notice that springtime is kicking in saturdaynight; 2 o' clock becomes 3 o' clock, so don,t be late!

Entrance Fee: 39 euro per person (students/zeropoint energy group 33 euro).

Register atinfo@healingsoundmovement.com , Main language: English

This event will be filmed and televised bij Duurzaam24.TV!

'Secrets of Antigravity, Free Energy & Ancient Science of Continuous Creation' 

A unique seminar about free energy, zeropointenergy (' energy from the vacuum'), UFOs, cosmology and Aether physics. Very important information and implications for a better world and the future of humanity!

Click HERE for a special promotion video HealingSoundMovement Radio (& Events) made for the seminar. 

This video also contains some excerpts and remarks made by Dr. Paul LaViolette, taken from the great talk we had with him for the HealingSoundMovement Radio broadcast!

The video can be regarded as a small introduction to Paul LaViolette's seminal work in different interdisciplinary fields of research.

Click HERE for an a4 Flyer/Article (Dutch) and more information about this exceptional event! And click HERE for the new A6 format Flyer.

Look HERE to learn more about Paul LaViolette and his work, and the 2-hour HealingSoundMovement Radio-Special about his work!

(Missed it?: register at http://www.healingsoundmovement.com/hsm-radio-english.html to be able to listen back to ALL radio broadcasts for FREE)


If you want to look into the seminar's contents and program right now, click HERE.


Here you can find some more information about Dr. Paul LaViolette's fascinating books:

'Secrets of Antigravity: Tesla, UFOs and Classified Aerospace Technology'

'Genesis of the Cosmos: The Ancient Science of Continuous Creation'

'Decoding the Message of the Pulsars: Intelligent Communication from the Galaxy'

'Subquantum Kinetics: A Systems Approach to Cosmology and Physics'

'Earth Under Fire: Survival of the Apocalypse'


Here are the contents and the topics that will be addressed during the seminar!


March 27th Amsterdam Seminar

Speaker: Paul A. LaViolette, Ph.D.


Part I -- 2-1/2 hour morning session

In discussing free energy technologies and antigravity propulsion technologies, my goal will not to be doing a broad review, but to choose certain technologies and explain how they work in the context of the subquantum kinetics ether physics.


Will cover the following topics:

• Ether physics (subquantum kinetics)

• Will discuss the zero point energy background and particle creation

• Will include quotes from Tesla, theosophists, and Hindu mystics, brief discussion of the Philadelphia experiment

• The tired-light redshift prediction of subquantum kinetics

• Evidence that the universe is not expanding, that data favors the tired-light prediction, and hence that there was no big bang origin

• Parthenogenesis and the continuous creation prediction of subquantum kinetics

• Evolution of the universe from gas clouds to galaxies

• Revising the ages of stars: what's old is new and what's new is old


• The downfall of relativity

• Superluminal Tesla scalar wave transmission, experiments of Obolensky and Podkletnov

• The origin of wave theory of matter: The subquantum kinetics Turing wave concept and how it reforms quantum mechanics.

• Application to free energy: Explaining the Eccles and Mills technology for releasing heat from water

• The origin of spin and what causes quantum entanglement

• Will discuss violations of 1st law of thermo, 2nd law of thermo, Newton's 3rd law

• Will discuss the SQK reformation of the force field concept and explain the principle behind Brown's electrokinetic thruster and the Lafforgue thruster with application to rotary free energy generation.  Propulsion example of voyage to Mars in 5 days.

• Reverse engineering of the B-2 bomber

• Will discuss electrogravitics, how SQK predicts it, electrogravitic propulsion & energy generation

• Explanation of certain other free energy technologies such as energy entrainment through phase conjugate resonance -- Tesla's magnifying transmitter and, if time permits, the Searl disc.

• Project Skyvault and microwave beam propulsion


Part II -- 1-1/2 hour afternoon session

Will cover the ancient ether physics of spontaneous particle formation from zero-point fluctuations and will show how these ideas are encoded in a number of ancient myths and lores.  Modern science discovered these ideas only in the last 60 years in the discipline of physical chemistry, presupposing the development of the computer and sophisticated laboratory measurement techniques.  These concepts are encoded through metaphor in the following:

• Taoist metaphysics,

• The ancient Egyptian creation myth of Atum,

• The ancient Egyptian myth of Osiris

• The ancient Greek, creation myth of Zeus


• The story of Atlantis

• The Babylonian creation myth

• The Osirian mysteries and the Tarot metaphysics

• Astrological lore.  Will also discuss the deciphering of the astrological cryptogram

Based on time available, the seminar will examine a number of the above time capsule messages showing how they encode this advanced science of cosmic creation.

In addition, we will examine the star lore associated with several constellations and show how these also encode advanced astronomical knowledge, ideas that modern science discovered only in the past 50 years. 


Paul LaViolette, Ph.D,

Unique and important Seminar, March 27th, Mirror Centre, Amsterdam:


Free Energy and Antigravity not real or science fiction? Obviously not! Science Fact!

Cosmological factors and 'Space Weather' not relevant for our daily lives? Maybe if it would have an influence on all life as we know it? 

Antigravity and UFOs not real, and if real not interesting? What if our ' energy crisis', 'environmental crisis' and perhaps also our 'economic crisis' could be a thing of the past, if these technologies would be implemented worldwide? 

A clean world with abundance and free energy not a real possibility? Bring your open mind and convince yourself and register now for this special event with Dr. Paul La Violette at info@healingsoundmovement.com. Relevant and fascinating and inspiring for everyone. No background knowledge necessary.



Acclaim for Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion

One of the boldest and most exciting books on gravity control to be put forward in our times. A fantastic future awaits, just around the corner, those who succeed in controlling gravity. We need only take the first step. Learn how it can be done, and how it has been done, from outstanding scientist, Paul LaViolette, the first to reverse engineer the B-2's highly classified propulsion system.

Eugene Podkletnov, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, Tampere, Finland

Paul LaViolette is one of the most interesting and innovative thinkers probing the limits and horizons of contemporary physics.  In this book he takes up a challenge that many of us have thought about but could not document: the possibility of propulsion systems that practically defy gravity. His findings merit earnest consideration, debate and discussion.

Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D., founder of the Club of Budapest, author of Science and the Akashic Field

Kudos to Dr. Paul LaViolette for getting out to the public the important new science of electro-magneto-gravitic propulsion.  For over 50 years, humanity has continued to use oil, gas, coal and other earth-destroying primitive fuels when an ocean of infinite energy teems all around us.  It is time that the truth be known!

Steven M. Greer MD, Director TheOrionProject.org

Paul LaViolette's investigations into this most mysterious of subjects ­ in all likelihood part of Man's scientific and engineering destiny ­ are at once fascinating and prescient.

Nick Cook, author of The Hunt For Zero Point

Paul LaViolette has once again unearthed advanced knowledge that can change our lives. This is a landmark book to be read and discussed by anyone concerned about humanity's options for the near future.

Jeane Manning, author of The Coming Energy Revolution: The Search for Free Energy

Acclaim for Decoding the Message of the Pulsars

Paul LaViolette is among the most advanced scientific minds of our time. His contributions in Decoding the Message of the Pulsars on our populated universe lay a foundation for our future society in space.

Alfred L. Webre, J.D., author of Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe

In a remarkable open-minded exploration of cosmic proportions, Dr. LaViolette proposes that since 1967 radio astronomers have been receiving and cataloging signals of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI). While his explanation is complex, it underscores the very reasons why they may indeed be messages of intelligent origin. A book well worth reading, it is both thought provoking as well as profound in its implications for what our future may bring.

Joseph McMoneagle, author of Mind Trek and The Ultimate Time Machine

Dr. Paul LaViolette is absolutely brilliant in his provocative book, -- fastidiously researched and well presented. You cannot read this book and not believe! A truly remarkable work from an equally remarkable man!

Sherry Hansen Steiger and Brad Steiger, 
authors of The Rainbow Conspiracy and UFO Odyssey

Dr. Paul LaViolette systematically and eloquently presents an audacious hypothesis that the signals and locations of many pulsars provide evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Whatever the significance of his data and conclusions, this is a book well worth reading by those who ponder the great questions of life in the cosmos.

Dr. Eugene F. Mallove, Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy Magazine,
Director, New Energy Research Laboratory, Bow, New Hampshire

Acclaim for Genesis of the Cosmos

(formerly entitled Beyond the Big Bang)

One of the boldest and most exciting hypotheses of cosmology to be put forward in this century. Deserves to be read, reread, reviewed, and researched.
Ervin Laszlo, editor of World Futures, science advisor to UNESCO, former director of UNITAR, and author of The Creative Cosmos, and Introduction to Systems Philosophy

A remarkably innovative and creative work, from one of our most brilliant and original thinkers, Genesis of the Cosmos reads on many levels at once to both delight, inform, and surely challenge us. I read the manuscript twice, am richer for it, and shall surely read it again.
Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of The Crack in the Cosmic EggEvolution's End
News and Events from the Seattle Metaphysical Library

This work is scholarly and thought-provoking. A powerful challenge to the traditional twentieth century model. He is quite convincing in showing evidence for his interpretations. The author presents fascinating reading.
Armando Canales, The Critical Review

By examining closely the creation myths of the ancient East and Mediterranean, the author sees many remarkable parallels with new physics discoveries.  In fact, the ancient stories seem to be an almost coded language of science, and that a theory of cosmology emerges from these stories of order out of chaos.
Marie Jones, Curled up with a Good Book
Read more of this review at:  curledup.com


Acclaim for Subquantum Kinetics

"The book on subquantum kinetics by Paul LaViolette is one of the first profound works in the investigation of the physical vacuum. There are grounds to recommend this monograph as a compulsory textbook for students of the physical sciences. There is no doubt that this book is an outstanding contribution to modern physics and that it will receive the attention and appreciation of many thankful readers."
Evgeny Podkletnov, Ph.D. 
  Professor of chemistry, Tech. D., Tampere, Finland


"Paul LaViolette's book is an admirable and lucid account that open-minded scientists would do well to examine carefully for its creative insights."
Dr. Eugene F. Mallove
  Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy magazine

"This book has a great amount of references,... clear and convincing criticisms of the big bang and contains an open discussion of relevant modern physics topics. I recommend it to all people interested in the foundations of science and in the deeper questions of nature."
 Andre Koch Torres Assis, Ph.D.
   Institute of Physics, State University of Campinas

"Entropy perpetually increases in a closed system but the system that we take as our physical world is not closed.  This is a very important part of the world view of Paul LaViolette, whose work is highlighted and reviewed on several Open SETI pages. Readers can use the website's search facility to locate the key passages.
  Briefly, LaViolette is an "astrophysicist" whose work is not in the mainstream but has turned some very important heads.  I used the quotes because he earned his Ph.D. in systems theory, although he has published in the field of astrophysics, and has had access to the Very Large Array, etc.
  His several books comprise an elegant "theory of everything", beginning with the dynamics of the subquantum domain, showing how this generates subatomic particles and physical fields, including gravitational fields, and their observed characteristics and behaviors, building all the way to vast cosmological systems, not failing to bring in human mythological systems along the way.  LaViolette accomplishes all this with just a very few equations describing subquantum dynamics.  That's it! the result is breathtaking. 
  Now, for the purposes of answering your question, I'll just say that for LaViolette, energy isn't just "there", arising out of the mythical big bang and running down ever since.  Rather, it comes out of the subquantum domain constantly and in accordance with specific principles and conditions.  The most important condition is the local gravitational density. The greater it is, the more energy "comes out".  This "genic energy" is incredibly important for understanding how astronomical objects work.
Important for us, here and now, because, living in a galaxy as we do, we are subject to what LaViolette describes as "Galactic Superwaves" - periodic galactic core explosions whose shock waves have in the past and will continue to rampage through this galaxy and all others. 
  Out of his theory, LaViolette lists numerous predictions, which have been being fulfilled one by one ever since he originally published.  Many more have yet to be tested!"
 Gerry Zeitlin
  March 16, 2005
  Interview with 


"LaViolette's book [Subquantum Kinetics] in which he discusses his Model G is a masterpiece.
Jérôme Huck, Electric SpaceCraft Journal
   June 27, 2001.

Acclaim for Earth Under Fire

Laura Lee, The Laura Lee Show

In his latest book, Paul LaViolette unearths fascinating evidence of the scientific advancement of an antediluvian culture that met with an untimely demise. Page by page and chapter by chapter, he takes us through a keen analysis of ancient myth, legend, and lore to discover the amazing lost history of our race. We are led to understand the intelligence and ingenuity of a people who, while faced with extinction, found the means to communicate over the millennia to warn us that the apocalypse that destroyed their race could occur again.

Andrew Rothovius, Fate magazine

This book is a well-reasoned and persuasive variation on the currently popular theme of Earth catastrophes caused by comet and meteorite impacts. LaViolette proposes that the Earth is also subjected, at intervals of thousands of years, to the effects of chilling clouds of cosmic dust and sudden surges of devastating heat from the Sun, caused by recurring tremendous explosions in the center of our galaxy. . . This is a book that both fascinates and frightens. -- [Review continues on next page]

Armando Canales, The Critical Review

     As our world draws near to the year 2000, there is an increased interest in catastrophes, prophecies, and past civilizations as well as earth changes.
     In this fascinating work, Paul LaViolette brings together past legends, myths, and prophecies and blends them together with new physics, and with his unique interpretation of astronomical bodies and astrological symbols. He also explores ancient documents and structures as well as past catastrophes to get a grasp of cosmic cycles.
     He builds a convincing case for his complex theory. By interpreting constellations and astrological symbols in light of his new physics [as well as past esoterica] he describes an "ether" physics. His thinking is complex and I cannot state whether he is right or not in his interpretation.
     This work may make LaViolette the new Velikovsky. The author presents one of the most amazing studies of cosmic cataclysmic cycles ever put into print. His theory explains and integrates various types of disasters such as floods and/or great temperature variations. Using ancient legends and observations he strengthens his case for a cyclic cosmos. In past ages men began to understand the behavior of the galactic center as well as other influences. The past records document a phase of activity that will come around again as everything attempts to balance out. He thus explains the thermal extremes found in nature. These always seem to strive for balance. Modern science has missed this obvious fact and instead swims blindly in its uniformitarianism, not seeing the coming tidal waves of change.
     LaViolette's study is brilliant and is steeped in research and interdisciplinary study. His theories deserve serious analysis from the scientific community. The author provides a large amount of material for further study. The amateur [non-scientist] will want to follow up and read the sources referenced in his notes.
     This work is timely as well as important. Why, humanity's well being is at stake! EARTH UNDER FIRE is a valuable addition to the literature on cosmology and earth changes. Fantastic reading!

 One of the most amazing studies of cosmic cataclysmic cycles ever put into print.
 Armando Canales, The Critical Review

I have collected 30,000 books and 20,000 videos over 40 years - now in a library - and this is the most important book I have found. 
UK bookseller telling friend, Glastonbury, UK

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