Sunday, February 6th, HSM Radio talks to DR. PAUL LA VIOLETTE about Antigravity & Free Energy!

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For our international listeners, listen in to our talk with Dr. Paul la Violette sunday 7-9 pm Amsterdam time, using one of your favourite pc players link, all information is available at:


Listen to this great talk if you are interested in the future of mankind (especially related to cosmoplanetary and electromagnetic changes), cosmology, astronomy, relativity theorie vs Aether theories, antigravity, UFO's, classified aerospace technology, Tesla, scalar waves, phase conjugation, free energy (energy from the vacuum), scalar electromagnetics, Turing waves, reaction-diffusion aether flux, universe as an open system, quantum mechanics, the holographic reality, the brain as a feedback looper of information, systems theory, chaos theory, feeling tone theory of thought, coherence and emotions, unconsciousness, non-local consciousness, entanglement, parapsychology,  Big Bang theory, Genesis of the Cosmos, ancient science of continuous creation, SubQuantum Kinetics theory, physics coded in Tarot, the Zodiac as a cryptogram, mystery of the Sphynx related to the higher dimensional realm, the unseen and etheric realm, astrology, ancient knowledge of a higher dimensional physics, extraterrestrial communications, human antigravity black projects, hollow planets and the moon not a natural sattelite?, but also the implications of all this for a better world!

Voor de Nederlandse luisteraars: luister zondagavond van 19-21 uur live mee naar Dr. Paul la Violette (27 maart is hij via HSM Events in Amsterdam met een door ons georganiseerd seminar over Vrije Energie en Antizwaartekracht, zie hieronder!), dubbelkik om 7 uur gewoon op de juiste Luisterlinks voor de pc player die je al hebt geinstaleerd op je pc.  Alle informatie vind je op:

http://www.healingsoundmovement.com/radio.html (klik op Live Uitzending Beluisteren). Een lees het bijzondere nieuws hieronder...

Let op: Antizwaartekracht en Vrije Energie expert Dr. PAUL LA VIOLETTE komt op zondagmiddag 27 maart speciaal voor HealingSoundMovement Events naar het Mirror Centre te Amsterdam voor zijn seminar 'Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, Free Energy and the Ancient Science of Continuous Creation'!

Dr. Paul la Violette is de autoriteit en expert op het gebied van vrije energie en antizwaartekracht. Zijn 'Subquantum Kinetics' theorie heeft al meer juiste voorspellingen dan de theorie van Einstein! Dit is een unieke kans om deze brilliante onderzoeker, auteur en spreker (voor het eerst in Nederland!) persoonlijk te ontmoeten en om kennis te nemen van zijn belangrijke werk...

Zie voor zijn werk: http://starburstfound.org/ en http://www.etheric.com)

The Starburst Foundation is a nonprofit research institute based in Schenectady, New York.  It was incorporated in the state of Oregon in January of 1984 for the purpose of carrying out scientific research and public education directed to the betterment of humanity and the planet.  The Foundation's research activities are carried out with the intention of:

(1) preserving and protecting the ecosystem of our planet from natural or man-made disturbances,

(2) promoting technologies that would improve our everyday life, and

(3) improving our understanding of ourselves as human beings and our comprehension of the universe of which we are an integral part.


Bio for Paul LaViolette

PAUL A. LaVIOLETTE, PH.D, is author of Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, Subquantum Kinetics, Earth Under Fire, Genesis of the Cosmos, Decoding the Message of the Pulsars, Galactic Superwaves and their Impact on the Earth, and is editor of A Systems View of Man. He has also published many original papers in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, and psychology. He received his BA in physics from Johns Hopkins, his MBA from the University of Chicago, and PhD from Portland State University and is currently president of the Starburst Foundation.

    He has served as a solar energy consultant for the UN, Greek government, and Club of Rome Goals for Mankind Project and has also consulted Fortune 500 companies on ways of stimulating innovation.  Research he conducted at Harvard School of Public Health led him to invent an improved pulsation dampener for air sampling pumps. Related work led him to develop an improved life-support rebreather apparatus for protection against hazardous environments and for which he received two patents.
    Recognized in the Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering, Dr. LaViolette is the first to predict that high intensity volleys of cosmic ray particles travel directly to our planet from distant sources in our Galaxy, a phenomenon now confirmed by scientific data.  He is also the first to discover high concentrations of cosmic dust in Ice Age polar ice, indicating the occurrence of a global cosmic catastrophe in ancient times.  Based on this work, he made predictions about the entry of interstellar dust into the solar system ten years before its confirmation in 1993 by data from the Ulysses spacecraft and by radar observations from New Zealand.  He also originated the glacier wave flood theory that not only provides a reasonable scientific explanation for widespread continental floods, but also presents a credible explanation for the sudden freezing of the arctic mammoths and demise of the Pleistocene mammals.   Also he developed a novel theory that links geomagnetic flips to the past occurrence of immense solar flare storm outbursts.
    He is the developer of subquantum kinetics, a novel approach to microphysics that not only accounts for electric, magnetic, gravitational, and nuclear forces in a unified manner, but also resolves many long-standing problems in physics such as the field singularity problem, the wave-particle dualism, and the field source problem, to mention a few.  Moreover based on the predictions of this theory, he developed an alternative cosmology that effectively replaces the big bang theory. In fact, in 1986, he was the first to cast doubt on the big bang theory by showing that it makes a far poorer fit to existing astronomical data when compared to this new non-expanding universe cosmology.  The subquantum kinetics cosmology also led him to make successful predictions about galaxy evolution that were later verified with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Upcoming lectures and radio interviews


    Dr. LaViolette is credited with the discovery of the planetary-stellar mass-luminosity relation which demonstrates that the Sun, planets, stars, and supernova explosions are powered by spontaneous energy creation through photon blueshifting.  With this relation, he successfully predicted the mass-luminosity ratio of the first brown dwarf to be discovered.
    In addition, Paul LaViolette has developed a new theory of gravity that replaces the deeply flawed theory of general relativity.  Predicted from subquantum kinetics, it accounts for the electrogravitic coupling phenomenon discovered by Townsend Brown and may explain the advanced aerospace propulsion technology utilized in the B-2 bomber.
    He is the first to discover that certain ancient creation myths and esoteric lores metaphorically encode an advanced science of cosmogenesis.  His contributions to the field of Egyptology and mythology may be compared to the breaking of the Rosetta Stone hieroglyphic code.  For a partial listing of these discoveries click here:

Mythology Insights.

    He is also the co-developer of the Gray-LaViolette feeling tone theory which explains how the brain/mind forms creative thoughts.  This has led to a new understanding of how the brain functions and to a novel approach in education.

LaViolette is responsible for expanding civil rights law to cover cases where an employer has terminated an employee on the basis of his scientific beliefs.  For more information read the following EEOC case description posting whose content has been approved by Paul LaViolette.

Predictions by Paul LaViolette:
To view a list of LaViolette's published predictions and their subsequent verification click here.

For a more comprehensive version of Dr. LaViolette's resume in pdf format, click here.

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